Adding an Activity to Multiple Media Contacts/Outlets at Once

Modified on: Thu, 1 Dec, 2022 at 7:14 PM

You can associate an Activity or Media Interaction with a contact or outlet in the Cision Communications Cloud. 

If the interaction that you are logging is the same for every media contact or outlet you can use our Bulk Activities option to apply the same activity to an entire list or set of search results.

To begin, head to the list of media contacts or outlets that you would like to apply the activity to.

Click on Influencers and My Lists.

My Lists

1. Select the list that you are looking for. create activity
2. Select all of the contacts on the list that you would like to associate the activity to.
3. Select the Connect drop down and choose Create Activity.

A dialog box will appear enabling you to enter the activity details such as type, title, date and notes

NOTE: All fields denoted with a (*) are exportable using the Export button.

1. * Select the Type of interaction from among the following choices: Send Mailing, Callback, Appointment, Inquiry and Other. act1
2. * Give the interaction a Title that will help you easily identify what took place during this specific interaction or its unique purpose.
3. * Enter the Date and Time that the interaction occurred.
4. Select your appropriate Time Zone if different from the default.
5. * If you wish to associate the activity with a Campaign, select the Campaign name from the drop-down.To learn more about Campaigns click here. act2
6. * Add any Notes to more fully detail the interaction.
7. * Use this option if you wish to link a Contact or Outlet to this activity.  When you select Contact or Outlet,  you will be presented with a match list to find the Contact or Outlet with whom you want to associate the activity. Select the desired Contact or Outlet from the list of matches.
8. Click Create

* If you have created any Custom Fields for your activities,  you will see them at the bottom of the page and can select their appropriate values. Click here to learn more about creating Custom Fields.

This will associate all of the entered criteria to each of the media contacts in your list that you selected. Each activity will be logged individually and viewed in the platform's My Activities area.

Pull up that Contact's profile page to see all Activities associated with a single contact.

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