Editing an Inserted Image

Modified on: Thu, 1 Dec, 2022 at 10:04 PM

Once you have inserted an image (click here to learn more about inserting images), you can change its size, alignment, spacing from text, and border and add a link. Two options for accessing the Image Properties options will enable you to edit images, one for PC users and another for Mac users. Both of these methods are described below. 

1. For PC users, access the Image Properties options by right-clicking on the image(1).
2. And selecting Image Properties (2).
3. The Image Properties options (3) will appear.
1. Mac users can access the Image Properties options by clicking on the image(1).
2. Select Mountain and Sun icons (2) on the toolbar.
3.  The Image Properties options (3) will appear.

Following are descriptions of the Image Properties available to use when editing an inserted image:

Image Info

  • URL: The URL path is used by the system to find the image. If you want to make your image a link, you will want to use the Link option on the Link tab of the image properties.
  • Alternative Text: Text added in the Alternative Text field will appear if the recipient views the email with plain text or chooses not to download the images (per their browser settings).
  • Width and Height: You can resize the image by specifying Width and Height (in pixels).  The lock will be on by default, automatically maintaining the width-to-height ratio. However, you can click the lock, which will unlock the ratio, enabling you to override both Height and Width.
  • Border: This option will insert a black border around the image to differentiate it from the text. You can specify how wide the border should be in this field. 
  • HSpace and VSpace: Add Horizontal and/or Vertical padding, which will insert space around the image.
  • Alignment: Select either left or right alignment from this menu to create an effect where the text wraps around the image's left or right. NOTE: If you prefer center alignment, you will want to click on the image and then use the center text alignment option on the toolbar to achieve the desired alignment.


  • URL: Type in the URL you want the user to go to when the image is selected. This makes the image a link.
  • Target: Determine how the linked web page should open. For example, specify whether it should open in the same or a new window.

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