UVPM/UVM (Unique Visitors Monthly) Reach Information for Online Articles

Modified on: Fri, 24 Feb, 2023 at 3:52 PM

Cision has made it a mission to empower PR and communications professionals with industry leading metrics and best practices. As of January 3, 2020 Cision will upgrade its digital reach number to SimilarWeb’s Unique Monthly Visitors metric.  Within the Cision Communications Cloud platform, the SimilarWeb Unique Monthly Visitors data can be found in the UVPM (Unique Visitors Per Month) field.

SimilarWeb’s Unique Monthly Visitors calculation is considered the industry-best way to size audience reach for online publication articles. It counts the number of unique individuals visiting a publication’s site in a 30 day period. So, if someone came to the site ten times, they would only be accounted for once. It is important to note that while SimilarWeb’s Unique Monthly Visitors is updated monthly, the Cision Communications Cloud updates its UVPM (Unique Visitors Per Month) field that reflects SimilarWeb’s data quarterly. Cision does this to show seasonality in readership.

Example of SimilarWeb Unique Monthly Visitors: Bloomberg’s readership is 17M because there are 17M unique individuals visiting bloomberg.com at least once in a 30 day period.

Benefits of Cision moving to SimilarWeb’s Unique Monthly Visitors calculation include:

  • Complete View of traffic across devices-SimilarWeb provides metrics for Unique Monthly Visitors coming from mobile devices to give you a more accurate representation into who is viewing your content.
  • More Frequent Updates-SimilarWeb updates its values monthly allowing for more frequent updates, so that you will get the most up to date numbers of visitors to that publication.
  • Industry Standard Methodology-SimilarWeb is the industry leader in measurement for digital content. They use proprietary algorithm to determine reach.
  • More Accuracy & Transparency-Instead of reporting off a number that is updated annually, you will now have direct insight to the seasonal ebb and flow that publications go through during the year. Make more targeting decisions for pitching based off SimilarWeb’s UVM numbers.

While delivering these benefits in moving to the SimilarWeb calculation, we do expect a to see a variance of +/-20% difference when comparing the SimilarWeb calculation to Cision’s previous Digital Reach formula. Again, this we made the change to the SimilarWeb calculation because it is the industry leader in measurement for digital content.

If some sections of publications seem to have inflated numbers, this can likely be attributed to the fact that SimilarWeb only measures readership at the domain and subdomain level (www.publicationname.com or www.example.publicationname.com), meaning it reports readership for the site in total. While Cision Digital Reach previously estimated some website paths (www.publicationname.com/example,) our standardization on SimilarWeb now provides only the domain level metric – which is standard practice in web measurement.  

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